Important Benefits of the Recipe Book

Easy To Prepare

A raw food diet is actually one of the easiest, most convenient ways you can eat.

There is nothing faster than making a simple, yet sweet and delicious smoothie.

Just add some bananas, frozen fruit and juice to a blender, and within a matter of minutes, you can have a glass full of vitamins and minerals that fuel the body for hours

Detox Your Body

Raw foods have unique qualities that support the ability of our body to cleanse and release toxins.

When we increase the quality of our nutritional intake, the body will naturally begin to transform itself. Fruit especially activates detoxification through initiating deep cleansing of the organs of elimination.

Improve Your Health

Eating raw provides our bodies with live enzymes which can help with many ailments and health conditions.

The raw food revolution is growing in numbers each year and millions are discovering how they can transform their health by eating a raw food diet.

Discover How Thousands Are Enjoying the Detoxifying, Health Benefits of Your Favorite Recipes Reimagined as Delicious Raw Food Dishes

Oh my goodness!! I got my book today! I thought it was going to be smaller. I am so excited I could shout from the rooftop that everybody should have this book!! I have the ebook but in hand is so much better for me personally. It is gorgeous!! Thank you thank you!

Wendy W

Just made your spinach wraps and they turned out great!!!" Good suggestion to double the recipe and freeze them. So many great recipes to try! Grateful for all these new recipes! Thanks Kim!! 

Morgan D.

I got my book yesterday!! It is AMAZING! It is huge! I absolutely love the quality. I love the laminated pages because I end up spilling and I can just wipe off! 💕Also the spiral binding...the page stays open. Made a few recipes and they are wonderful! Well worth the price. Thank you Kim Whitaker for all your hard work putting this together 

Kathy W.



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Why Thousands Are Improving Their Health, Detoxifying Their Bodies and Enjoying My Recipe Book