The Rejuvenate Raw Mind-Body Connection Challenge

The Rejuvenate Raw Mind-Body Connection Challenge

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So What is . . . 
The 5-Day "MIND-BODY CONNECTION" Challenge?

What if I told you that you could transform your health by using your mind?

The Mind-Body Connection is the real and can be the most powerful method of all in health transformation.

Kim Whitaker has a remarkable story of how she went from nearly dead to now living a normal, happy, healthy life by incorporating the power of the Mind-Body connection. 

Take the 5 Day Mind-Body Connection Challenge Starting May 15th

Kim’s Remarkable Transformation Did Not Involve Help From Doctors Or Hospitals.

✔️There was little or no cost.

✔️There were no doctor appointments
✔️There were no medications or pills
✔️There were no supplements.
✔️There were no invasive treatments.

Kim transformed her health from many disorders and diseases in the comfort of her own home with little or no cost

Kim's Disorders Included
✔️Lyme Disease
✔️Growth on thyroid
✔️Heavy Metal Toxicity
✔️Parasite Infestation
✔️Severe Anxiety and Depression
✔️Constant Hives and Rashes
✔️Mold Toxicity
✔️Irritable Bowel Syndrome
✔️Flesh-Eating Bacteria
✔️Life-Threatening Intestinal Bacteria
✔️Severe Fatigue, Anxiety & Depression
 and so much more...

What do you get by joining?

  • ​Daily Live instructional videos and Q & A with Kim, Luka and Laura
  • ​Access to a private Facebook Group where you can interact with Kim, Luka & Laura and other like-minded people on a similar journey
  • ​Daily Actionable Steps on how you can implement the information and move towards health transformation
  • ​Daily Actionable Steps prize winners

How Does it Work?

1. After signing up, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with the link to join the private Mind-Body Facebook Group where all the activities will take place.

2. The Mind-Body Connection videos with Kim, Luka and Laura will be placed in the Group under the Guides tab each day for your viewing experience. You can access the videos at any time for a period of 30 days after the program begins.

3. Kim, Luka and Laura will come on Live in the Group daily at 10 am CST to interact and answer your questions. If you can’t make that time, post your questions in the Group and they will be answered during the Live events, which are recorded and available in the Group for your viewing at any time of day or night during the 30 days.

4. Each day there will be Actionable Step Homework assigned so you can start implementing the information into your own life right away.

5. Winners of the Actionable Steps will be announced during the Live Q & A each day.

Daily Topics Will Include

Day 1

✔️What is the Mind-Body Connection?

✔️Can our thoughts and emotions make us sick?

✔️Kim’s story

✔️Luka’s story

✔️Stagnation of the Lymph system due to our emotions

Day 2

✔️Energy vs. matter when transforming our health

✔️Can we change our personality using our thoughts and emotions?

✔️How feelings of fear, worry, sadness, guilt, hopelessness impact our adrenal glands and can lead to anxiety

✔️How our thoughts and emotions can lead to eating disorders and addictions

Day 3

✔️This is a time to put ourselves first

✔️Finding love for ourselves and feeling worthy

✔️The impact of the breath on our health

✔️How are our intestines are affected by negative thoughts and emotions

Day 4

✔️Brain Coherence and Clarity

✔️Quieting the Mind

✔️Good Feelings When Eating

✔️Focusing on Gratitude and Appreciation

Day 5

✔️Returning to simplicity for feelings of peace and ease

✔️Pleasing yourself vs. people pleasing

✔️How to stop negative thought patterns

✔️Feeling free and letting go

Kim, Luka and Laura will guide you in a 5 day Challenge to help you uncover the power of transforming your health using the Mind-Body Connection.  

Who Is Kim Whitaker

Just like you, I’m someone who wanted to get better.

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t have a dozen medical degrees - but what I do have are my intention, my will, and my actions.

It’s these three things that took me from barely surviving to living and thriving, and that’s the story I want to share with you today.

I suffered from chronic illness for over 5 years, and I was completely housebound and unable to live my life. I went to doctor after doctor, tried diet after diet, went on therapies and procedures, medications, supplements, and I was only getting worse.

​I felt stressed, depressed, anxious and sick all the time. One after another, doctors were raising their eyebrows and giving up on me. My husband and I tried everything to get me back on my feet, but we realized we were only wasting our time, money, and energy. But through it all, I didn’t stop.

I had no choice but to set out on my own journey and research how to transform myself. One day, while trying to find the strength to walk across the room, I made a promise to God and to myself.

​That promise is that if I ever found a way to overcome my illness and start living my life again, I would dedicate myself to helping others do the same.

That’s what I did, and that’s what I’m here to help you do.

Who Is Laura?

Laura supports, trains, and coaches others to create, experience, and enjoy a life they love. She was Kim's life coach during her illness. Laura guided Kim to unravel the subconscious and uncover her true powerful self in order to transform herself back to a healthy state.

By sharing her knowledge in many different countries and cultures she thrives and assists those who choose to work with her. She is very excited to offer her tools and knowledge to collaborate in building a more coherent world filled with people who are enjoying and loving life.

After earning a degree in Engineering from ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education), Laura followed a deeper calling by becoming an Accredited Certified ICF Spiritual Life Coach, a Mental Health Coach for Modern Health, HeartMath Trainer & Mentor, a Chopra Center Meditation and Perfect Health Instructor, a Master Instructor with a Thetahealing® Certificate of Science. She is the Founder of her own Consulting Business, I Halo Love™ and is currently earning a Masters in Consciousness and Human Potential through Maharishi University while she also trains with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield to become a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

She is also a Divine Intelligence Process Facilitator, a member of the Resonance Academy, a Licensed Ordained Minister at Universal Life Church, and part of the Dr. Joe Dispenza community & volunteer staff since 2016. She practices in English and Spanish and has clients in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, England, Ireland, Spain, India, Dubai, Australia, Algeria, and South Africa and has served many of the top companies in the Silicon Valley.

Who Is Luka Hinić

Luka found out the hard way that health should be one of our top priorities. During his late teens and early 20’s he found himself involved in partying and making poor eating choices. Eventually those health conditions became quite serious to the point that doctors told him he could die. He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and liver failure and was told there was no hope other than to eventually have a liver transplant.

After getting no help from medications, Luka was introduced to Dr. Robert Morse and the raw food protocol which led him to also discover the power of the emotions on his physical health. By watching Dr. Morse YouTube videos, Luka’s eyes were opened to a new world. He watched the videos for hours, read, studied and applied all of it to himself. And through applying what he learned, Luka was able to completely get off all medications and transform his health for the better.

Today, Luka is a certified detox specialist who provides health, mental and emotional coaching services. He is healthier and happier than he has ever been and living a completely different life. Luka’s life mission helps people become aware of their own power... he wants to remind them who they really are and he wants to get them back on the path that every human being deserves, which is a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Here's What You Get:

  • Daily informational videos
  • ​Daily Live instructional videos and Q & A with Kim, Luka and Laura
  • ​​Access to private Facebook Group
  • ​Daily Actionable Steps
  • ​Daily Actionable Steps prize winners

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